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eBike Legal Status and Classification System - USA

 Be sure to check the class of the electric bike you are considering. The laws vary depending on the country you are in. In Europe, e-bikes are generally not allowed to go above 15 mph on their power-assist modes. In the United States, they can go up to 28 mph. Within the country, however, some states don’t conform to the norm. 

What are the E-Bike Laws in My State? Check here! 

Check out the People for Bikes website, which is a handy resource for gaining a better understanding of these, sometimes nuanced, regulations.

In general, the Classes are broken down as follows within the United States:


  • Max speed of 20 mph
  • Pedal-assist motor only
  • In some areas, the motor can be no bigger than 250w
  • Generally no restrictions on where they can be used in the US


  • Max speed of 20 mph 
  • Pedal-assist mode or thumb throttle function
  • Motor usually no greater than 750w


  • Max speed 28 mph (often referred to as speed pedelecs)
  • Pedal-assist function only (there are US states that allow throttles on class 3, check with your state)
  • There are restrictions in certain States on where these can be used – always check