7 Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Mental and Physical Health

Mental and physical health is important at any age. If you take control of your health, you will find much more
enjoyment in life. Here are seven simple ways that you can start feeling better and staying on the move.

1. Make Diet and Exercise Changes
Changing your diet and exercise can seem overwhelming. However, you don't need to do a complete overhaul overnight. Make small changes, such as incorporating more fiber into your breakfast or cutting back on carbonated drinks. Getting more exercise can be as simple as taking a walk around the neighborhood every day. Small changes over time can lead to a better lifestyle overall.You can find more information on exercising on RetireGuide
2. Downsize To Remove Clutter
If you start to find your living space too cumbersome to handle, start thinking about downsizing. Moving out of your forever home can be emotionally draining, but the benefits often outweigh the negative. For example, you can make a little money selling some of your old things, and you'll relieve stress with less clutter. Research shows that clutter actually causes stress and anxiety
3. Start Volunteering
Spend more time volunteering in your community. Giving back benefits everyone involved, and you can even make new friends along the way. Consider what you can do to give back. Perhaps there is a charity drive at your local community center. If you can't find something, think about initiating a charity. You could start a garden that grows fresh vegetables for families in need. Get your friends involved and commit to making it successful.
4. Take On a Hobby
Hobbies can take up a tremendous amount of time. You could pick up an old interest that you haven't had time for in years, or you can take on a new hobby that interests you. If you're looking for a new way to get exercise, consider something outdoors, such as bike riding or gardening. A senior-friendly electric bike from ElectricByke can be easy on your body. You can even take up more than one hobby if you want a variety of things to keep you busy.
5. Get a New Pet
Pets are excellent companions and offer a sense of purpose. They even help relieve stress and keep you motivated throughout the day. Keep a small dog, and you'll have a daily walking companion. If you're looking for something a little less high maintenance, get a cat or a bird. Just check out your local shelter and find a pet in need of a home.
6. Stay Connected With Friends
Join social media if you haven't already. You can reach out to old friends and reconnect or just get more connected with friends you still see on occasion. It's a great way to make plans and know what's going on in everyone's lives. 
7. Start a Business
If you want something that will keep you very busy, consider investing in your own business. Do research on how to get started, and have someone help you develop a thorough business plan. Once you get established, you can branch out into new products and services using a DBA name. It allows you to use a different name to sell your new product, and it's a great way to keep your business moving forward when your domain name isn't available. 
Branching out and trying new things is a great way to improve your quality of life. Retiring doesn't mean you have to be at home all the time. It just means you can finally spend your days doing what you want.
Contributed by Mary Shannon of SeniorsMeet.org