Vintage Design, Modern Propulsion! Take a Ride on the Wildsyde®

Wildsyde® is a small company of motivated individuals based in the Vail Valley, Colorado who believe positive change is as easy as leading by example and offering for others to join in on the fun along the way. 

Wildsyde’s electric bikes promise to let riders go farther, faster, tackle hills with greater ease, and ride more—regardless of age or physical ability. As avid outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we sometimes want an easy cruise around town instead of grinding up the backside of a mountain. We want to reduce our dependence on the automobile, we want to get out into the fresh air and do it with a smile on our face. It’s a new mode of transport for all people, including those who might find barriers to traditional human-powered bikes.

For more information on check out the full WildSyde® collection by clicking here, or click on each picture below for details on each bike!


The Beast

The Hunni-Bunni


 The Roam

The Paree



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