The Super-compact, Foldable E-bike Aostirmotor A20 (Now $200 off!)



The Perfect Commuter Companion:

The AOSTIRMOTOR A20 Folding Electric Bike is the perfect commuter companion, allowing you to go further and faster while achieving your fitness goals.

Discover A20 Key Features:

The design of fat tires, the mix of black and orange and petite bulk and attention to detail make the A20 stand out in terms of looks, weight and comfort. It can be ridden on almost all but the most demanding surfaces. It's also equipped with an LCD display that shows speed, distance, battery life, and more. This is AOSTIRMOTOR's only foldable e-bike that folds down to about half its volume for easy storage - take it to the office, campus, or tuck it into the trunk.

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