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distributed via AmericanElectric® - see news on genZe at bottom of this page....

GenZe exists because we believe in sustainable transportation for a better world. With growing urban areas, and increased transit needs, our current transportation options are not sustainable. Zero emissions cannot be a choice, but an imperative. Our name (pronounced just like you’d say Gen X or Gen Y) stands for Generation Zero Emissions.
To accomplish our mission, we provide sustainable personal transportation that makes zero compromises, is accessible, and built for the future.

Our e-Bikes
GenZe electric bikes breeze up hills and allow you to travel 30-50 miles on a single charge. They have 3 ride modes to control your ride, and a removable battery to recharge on the go. They’re also bike lane and public transit friendly, so you can take them anywhere a conventional bike would go.

The world is your charging station
GenZe electric bikes and scooters have removable batteries that plug into any standard outlet. Pop your battery out for a quick boost on the go, and forget range anxiety.

  • Full charge in as little as 3.5 hours
  • Snap it out for easy charging and enhanced security
  • Plug it into any standard 110 volt outlet

News on genZe business unit closure

genZe, with its factory in Michigan, is owned by Mahindra of India. GenZe (from 'Generation Z') makes its own bikes and scooters in a US factory employing American workers. It has been known for the high quality of its bikes and scooters as well as its use of technology in ways that other e-bike companies have not yet matched. Example: Its creation of its own app to check battery levels, plan routes around gridlock, run diagnostics and schedule service, control security to prevent theft (scooters only), and track usage and riding history. 

In June of 2020, Mahindra decided to shut down a number of its subsidiaries: genZe was one of them. AmericanElectric® has obtained a portion of the remaining inventory of genZe products and is able to offer them to customers with limited warranties.

AmericanElectric® has also obtained an inventory of spare parts in order to maintain these bikes into the future. As the warranty life is shortened, the price of these e-bikes has been discounted to offset the reduced coverage. The discounted prices offer an outstanding opportunity to obtain one of these magnificent e-bikes at an unheard of price. 

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