This Trike may be the perfect buy for seniors - the Anywhere Rugged Electric Trike!

The best experiences in life are things like getting your first bike, learning to drive, getting your first car. Ahh, the freedom they brought.!  So you may have a few more years under your belt, but the truth is, you want to get out and ride, smile and feel the wind in your hair. This being the case, the Anywhere Fat Tire Trike was made for you!

Every component has been designed specifically for the senior community.The tricycle will give you incredible balance while the low step through allows for easy on and easy off. The fat tires can help you ride through anything; snow, sand and extremely smooth riding on bike paths and roads. The Anywhere Fat Tire Trike will make you feel like you are gliding down the bike path, hearing only the noise of the wind.  Go ahead drive to the store that is miles away, no problem.

Ride to your friend's house, pedal assist will make you feel like you are pushing against air: it's so easy. Or just use the throttle don’t worry about pedaling if you get tired. Then, when you get a second wind, pedal for fun.

Don’t worry your grand kids will have a hard time keeping up with you not the other way. You can easily cruise at 14 mph. Just be cautious this Trike turns heads!

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